Service – Darker Skin Types

ABOUT MICROART™ SEMI PERMANENT MAKEUP ON DARK SKIN  ● NO SIDE EFFECTS ● NO DOWNTIME ● NO BRUISING ● NO SCABBING ● NO SCARRING ●  SAVE TIME   ● EXTREMELY NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS  THAT LAST UP TO 3 YEARS MicroArt lasts up to three years so, as your skin ages and fashions change, you have the option of redesigning your [...]

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Service – Scar Camouflage

ABOUT MICROART SCAR TREATMENT MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup is a unique and revolutionary technology used to camouflage scars. It works by applying a mineral based pigment into the scar to change its color so that it blends into the surrounding skin color to match and becomes un-noticeable. MicroArt Scar Camouflage treatment conceals scars on the face or body caused by accidents [...]

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