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  • To qualify each company uses different criteria and offer different programs

ADVANCED CARE CLICK HERE: Offers 6-14 months interest-free financing

LENDING TREE CLICK HERE: Offering shop and compare on a  variety of personal loans

CREDIBLE CLICK HERE:  Offers personal loans from multiple lenders.

Disclaimer:  MicroArt is a cosmetic technology services company. While we accept most major credit cards, we are providing the resources listed below as a courtesy to our clients seeking alternative financing for their treatment. MicroArt does not earn any fee nor consideration of any kind if you do business with these firms, and we have no familial or other relationship with them or their principals.  Accordingly, if you do business with these firms, we specifically, absolutely, and categorically disclaim any and all liability related to your experience or results.

If you do contemplate doing business with these or any other financing firm, we strongly suggest you seek the advice of a qualified independent financial professional or attorney prior to completing a transaction.