MicroArt Scar Camouflage FAQ’s

The answers to these questions apply for MicroArt only.

MicroArt is proprietary, unique, and unlike any other permanent or semi-permanent cosmetic treatment in the market today. It was scientifically developed to look natural — and avoid the many unpleasant or dangerous side effects all too common with other forms of permanent makeup or microblading. (50% of MicroArt clients are repairing bad permanent makeup done elsewhere)

Absolutely! MicroArt has been used to camouflage scars and other skin discolorations for many years with amazing results on hundreds of clients. There are no known side effects and it is 100% safe.

MicroArt Scar Camouflage is customized for each client. Prices are based on how much time each procedure takes.

Pricing starts at $2,500.00  and goes up based on how many hours of treatment is needed.

To get an estimate please submit photos here

The scar should be at least 3 months old and 100% healed. There is no upper limit to how old the scar can be; we have camouflaged scars that were more than 50 years old.

MicroArt can camouflage all types of scars including those from cosmetic or therapeutic surgeries, burns, suicide attempts, accidents, etc. Different areas of the body have very different skin types and thicknesses.

Every scar is unique and must be treated as such.

The Color: Your technician will evaluate your skin color at the beginning of each session and custom blend a color to match your skin tone.

Pigmentation: During each appointment, a layer of pigment is added to the skin. MicroArt uses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates in the dermal layers of the skin depositing a mineral-based pigment until your vitiligo is completely camouflaged and the skin tone matches.

4-sessions are usually needed to get the results. Each session is scheduled at least 4 weeks apart.

Additional sessions might be needed after completing your initial series of 4 sessions if the color is not matched or blended.

About 80% of our clients see great results in 4 sessions but for about 20% of cases, additional sessions are necessary and the price is changed on an hourly basis for these.

There will be some irritation right after your treatment. This calms down and disappears in 3-10 days after each treatment. The number of irritation varies depending on a number of factors,  the general health of the client,  what area of the body was worked on, and how much pigment was applied.  After a few days, the skin will slightly exfoliate and the pigment settles in.

It is important that you use the  MicroArt after-care products provided for 7 days after each session and no makeup or other products should be worn on the area for 7 days after each session.

While pain is minimal, the level of discomfort varies from person to person depending on what area of the body is being camouflaged. A strong topical numbing cream is used.

MicroArt uses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the outer dermal layers of the skin, therefore discomfort is minimal. For extremely sensitive areas numbing injections may be scheduled at an additional cost if requested.

If the procedure is performed on your hands, or if the procedure will exceed three hours, numbing shots are required.

Maintenance appointments are optional. If you do not maintain MicroArt, it will eventually fade away over time.

Everyone’s maintenance schedule is different, based on the area of the body, how fast the skin exfoliates and your lifestyle and skin type.

Some clients come in every few months for touch-up sessions, while others only come in annually.

Very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Get a good night’s rest and arrive at least 15 minutes prior your scheduled appointment.
  • Please remove any makeup on the area to be treated. Do not use any creams or lotions.
  • Please, do not wear light-colored clothing over the area to be treated as the skin might sweat a little pigment afterward which could leak into the clothing. Dress comfortably.

When your skin tans, the mineral-based pigment applied to the skin will not change color or tan with the surrounding skin.

We advise our scar camouflage clients to maintain a constant skin color throughout the year so that their MicroArt makeup will maintain the best color match for as long as possible. However, some clients will schedule a maintenance appointment around the time that they get a tan in early summer so that we can match their MicroArt to that tanned skin color. As the tan lightens up a bit during the winter, MicroArt will gradually fade a little so that it will also lighten up.

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