MicroArt Makeup For Men FAQ’s

The answers to these questions apply for MicroArt only.

MicroArt is proprietary, unique, and unlike any other permanent or semi-permanent cosmetic treatment in the market today. It was scientifically developed to look natural — and avoid the many unpleasant or dangerous side effects all too common with other forms of permanent makeup or microblading. (50% of MicroArt clients are repairing bad permanent makeup done elsewhere)

The simple answer is no, it does not make you look done or enhanced. It restores your youthful look through coloration which, for example, also makes your eyelashes look fuller, your brows look fuller but neatly groomed, your lips look fuller since they lose collagen with age.

Yes! About a third of our clients are male. We perform all procedures on men as well as women. All our work is customized so that each client gets the look they want to achieve.

Generally, our male clients request the same procedures as do our female clients (eyebrows, lash line, lips, scalp and scar/skin camouflage).

Most women prefer to have their MicroArt applied so that it appears they have just freshened up their makeup a few minutes ago – perfectly – such as eyeliner, brows, mascara, lipstick or gloss.

Most men, however, prefer that their MicroArt simply rejuvenate their features in a way that looks more youthful and entirely natural. A little more natural color in the lips, darker eyelashes that frame and bring out their eyes more distinctly as well as eyebrows that are even, perfectly shaded and groomed.

Through its sophisticated technology, expert application and infinite color shading possibilities with hypo-allergenic pigments, MicroArt can achieve an unrivaled level of subtlety.
· Eyebrows: The design of male eyebrows are very different from female.

· Lashline: The lash line on men is usually a lot thinner than on women.

· Lips: Colors are more natural for men than women.

· Scalp shading: This procedure is similar for both men and women.

· Scar/skin camouflage: This procedure is similar both men and women although it always depends on the client’s individual skin type and nature of any scarring.

  • Anti-Aging – Add symmetry and youthfulness to the face with a more fresh and natural look.
  • Doesn’t look like makeup – Completely natural looking, everyone will notice, but no one will know!
  • Waterproof – 100% smear proof. Looks great no matter what you’re doing, water and sweat-proof.
  • Look great all the time – MicroArt lasts up three years, and you can change the look or design as desired anytime with a simple touch-up procedure.
  • No downtime – Show off your new look the same day, no bleeding, bruising or recovery time necessary.
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