MicroArt General FAQ’S

The answer to these questions applies for MicroArt only. MicroArt is proprietary, unique, and unlike any other permanent or semi-permanent cosmetic treatment in the market today. It was scientifically developed to look natural — and avoid the many unpleasant or dangerous side effects all too common with other forms of permanent makeup or microblading. (50% of MicroArt clients are repairing bad permanent makeup done elsewhere)  

MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup is a proprietary procedure that enhances the appearance of eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, scalp as well as camouflage scars, vitiligo, birthmarks, stretch marks, and other skin discoloration. MicroArt lasts up to 3 years. It is more natural-looking than microblading, cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation, or any other form of permanent makeup

The results are so natural that both men and women wear it.

Permanent makeup is a tattoo that is painful and looks harsh on the face.  Heavy gauge needles are used to penetrate deep into the skin, causing bleeding, bruising, scabbing, scarring, and downtime. MicroArt, on the other hand, provides the most natural results, so natural that even men wear it!



MicroArt:  Natural, youthful-looking results that last up to three years. As MicroArt gradually fades, it can be redone or touched up as the skin ages and styles change.

Permanent Makeup: Heavy, unnatural look with harsh colors that change over time, but can be removed with laser surgery or corrected with MicroArt.



MicroArt: Each pair of eyebrows are custom designed to achieve the optimal look, focusing attention on the eyes. Individual hairs are layered onto the skin, creating perfect results.

Permanent Makeup: Solid, unnatural line, colors often change, can only be corrected with laser removal or MicroArt’s camouflaging techniques.


MicroArt: Precisely placed in the lashes, creating a fuller more natural appearance.

Permanent Makeup: Thick line above lashes.


MicroArt: Lips are shaped, lined and the color is enhanced and blended.

Permanent Makeup: Usually only lip liner, extremely painful on full lips.


MicroArt: State-of-the-art technology. Costs $15,000, used only by licensed Micro Artists™. Features a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin for extreme precision.

MicroArt technology uses a single acupuncture needle as thin as a human hair that vibrates on the dermal layer of the skin 80 to 100 times per second. Therefore, the results are extremely precise. This level of precision is obtained by using state-of-the-art equipment created exclusively for MicroArt. As the acupuncture needle gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin MicroArt’s nontoxic mineral-based pigments are absorbed.

Permanent Makeup: Uses standard tattoo equipment, which is available to purchase by anyone without training for $200 and up. Needle: 3 -14 heavy gauge needles are used simultaneously to aggressively puncture the skin.

Because permanent makeup uses a standard tattoo gun, the process of penetrating deep into the skin to place these inks, which are often toxic, will often cause bleeding, bruising, scabbing, scarring and downtime. This makes the procedure painful and the results harsh and unnatural in appearance.


MicroArt has a wide selection of colors that gradually fade over three years and do not change into other colors. Pigments are mineral-based, non-toxic, and cost ten times more than tattoo inks.

Permanent Makeup uses inexpensive tattoo inks, which are sometimes toxic, can, cause allergic reactions, and often fade to orange, blue, and green.


MicroArt: Minimal discomfort (similar to waxing), no bruising, only slight swelling in some clients that disappears in about an hour. No downtime.

Permanent Makeup: Extremely painful, heavy bleeding, scabbing, and bruising often occurs. Swelling lasts for many days. Recovery time can last weeks.


MicroArt:  Licensed by MicroArt and fully insured. Micro Artists™ complete an initial six-month, full-time intensive training with the annual evaluation required for re-licensing. Furthermore, each Micro Artist™ has to meet all company standards before being licensed, which are the most stringent in the industry.

Permanent Makeup: Primarily non-regulated with little to no training. Self-determined skill set with no continued education or licensing required. Permanent makeup training is not regulated by the state and training, if any, is only a few days at most. Their training, the tattoo inks used and the quality of their equipment all create the harsh look commonly associated with permanent makeup.


MicroArt: Mineral-based pigment colors are customized for each client to achieve a flawless look. Colors do not change over time and will gradually fade away if the client prefers, or can be refreshed and updated to the client’s desires with a simple MicroArt touch-up procedure.

 Permanent Makeup inks: Can be toxic and result in allergic reactions. The colors are unnatural and change over time into green, orange, or blue. Usually, on the eyeliner, black inks change to blue or green. Over time, as the skin ages, people end up with a thick blue line that stretches and separates from the lash line as the delicate skin around the eyes age.


 MicroArt lasts up to 3 years, so as the skin ages and fashions change, clients have the ability to update their style.

Permanent Makeup: Unnatural look that will add time and expense to correct with MicroArt.


MicroArt: Virtually none! No bruising, only slight swelling in some clients that disappears in about an hour. No downtime.

 Permanent Makeup: Extremely painful, heavy bleeding and bruising often occurs. Swelling lasts for many days. Recovery time can last weeks.


 MicroArt: Starts at $1,200 per area. Price includes the design, the procedure, a second touch up procedure two weeks later to perfect the color and shape, and complete aftercare products. Price reflects superior quality pigments, equipment, training, and final results.

 Permanent Makeup: $100 and up. The cheaper alternative to MicroArt due to cheaper inks, equipment, unregulated training, and licensing; all of which produce harsh results.

MicroArt lasts up to 3 years. As the skin, ages and fashions change clients have the ability to update their look.

Most clients get MicroArt retouched once every year or two to maintain their desired look or even change the color and shape. If MicroArt is not maintained it will just fade away completely over time.

There are no side effects of getting MicroArt

There might be some swelling and redness right after your treatment. This will disappear between hours to up to several days depending on which procedure you receive. Right after your procedure, the color will appear harsher compared with how it is intended to look. After a few days, the skin will slightly exfoliate and the color will become lighter. It is important that you keep the procedure area clean and moisturized by only using MicroArt after-care products – which we provide to you at no additional cost.

YES! Most of our clients do their full face in one sitting! It is 1 hour per procedure and we are able to do them back to back to save you time!

At first glance, MicroArt does seem more expensive than permanent makeup but there are many HUGE differences between MicroArt and tattoos. Every day thousands of people make the mistake of getting Permanent Cosmetics and then regret it. MicroArt has eliminated all the side effects of permanent makeup.

Some side effects of Permanent makeup are:

  • Harsh unnatural look
  • Over time inks change colors so you might end up with blue or orange eyebrows
  • Extremely painful procedure
  • Downtime with swelling and a nasty scab.
  • In many cases, permanent cosmetics are not permanent.
  • Over time your permanent cosmetics will end up being in the wrong place as the skin ages and actually amplify the signs of aging

So is cheaper better? When it comes to your face cheaper is not always better.

Consultations are done over the phone where all questions are answered so that when you come in for your first appointment it is to start your treatment.

For Vitiligo, Scar and Scalp camouflage, we do require photos in order to estimate the number of sessions you will need.

You will be given an after-care kit during your appointment with instructions.  Use the after-care products twice a day minimum or as needed. Keep using the after-care products for 7 days after each appointment.

Product Directions:

Skin Sanitizer:   Spray the skin sanitizer on the area of the skin that pigment was applied. Let it dry on the skin for 1-2 minutes.

Moisturizer:        Apply the moisturizer over the skin sanitizer using a clean Q-tip. Apply a generous amount. Let it absorb into the skin for a few minutes or rub it in.

Do Not:

  • Do not use your normal skin care products or any cosmetics in the application area for 7 days after your appointment.
  • Do not touch the area with your fingers, scrub, scratch or pick at any dead skin in the treated area
  • Do not sunbathe, use a steam room, saunas or get a facial for 7 days after your treatments
  • Do not swim or partake in any recreational water activities, gardening or contact with animals for one hour after your procedure.

Our Clients are:

  • Men and Women of all ethnicities between the ages of 21 through 90’s
  • Women in their 20’s who like a high fashion and more dramatic look in order to be more
    sophisticated. They have active lifestyles. MicroArt is a perfect solution when makeup is not an option during actives like swimming, yoga, skiing etc.
  • Women in their 30–40’s are who are busy moms or have hectic work schedule who want to look good and do not have time to spend on their make up throughout the day.
  • Women in their 50-60’s who want to look younger and refreshed get MicroArt for anti-aging reasons. As we age we lose our brows, our lashes thin, and our lips lose color and thickness. MicroArt puts it all back.
  • Women who have health issues such as poor eyesight or arthritis and are not able to apply their own makeup, women who are allergic to traditional makeup. In addition, women who are cancer survivors lose their brows during chemotherapy. With MicroArt, they can get them back in just an hour.
  • Men who want to look younger and have more defined features but do not want people to be able to tell that they have had any enhancements. MicroArt is so natural that even men wear it without people being able to tell.

MicroArt Makeup Inc. was founded in Jan 2009 by serial entrepreneur Tanya York. MicroArt has been performed on thousands of clients and is proven to look beautiful.

MicroArt guarantees each client will be treated by fully trained and qualified MicroArt technicians and strives to provide top quality care with state of the art equipment and natural pigments to best achieve the client’s desired outcome. Similar to cosmetic surgery, however, “results” are always subject to individual preference and taste, as well as differences in an individual’s skin type and MicroArt cannot and does not guarantee results.

Serial entrepreneur Tanya York who started her career as a special effects makeup artist in the Hollywood movie industry over 20 years ago created MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup.

After many years of development, working with a team of electronic engineers and cosmetic chemist MicroArt was finally perfected as a solution that eliminated all side effects of permanent makeup as well as looking so natural that no one can tell you are wearing makeup.

The Hollywood Reporter named Tanya one of Hollywood’s most influential women when she was in her mid-20 and by the time she was in her 30’s she graced the cover of Entrepreneur magazine in the Young Millionaires issue.

Tanya, who was born on a Caribbean island and raised in England, is the founder and sole owner of MicroArt Inc. and has previously owned and operated numerous corporations, including international film distributors, a movie production company and a Yoga studio.

Give us a call for a private phone consultation.

Appointments vary in time depending on what procedure you are getting.

Eyebrows, eyeliner & Lips are 1 hour per appointment

Camouflage work can be from 1-hour – 7 hours in one day.

Yes, with MicroArt we are just scratching the surface of the skin area, unlike traditional permanent makeup that cases excess bleeding. Though it is safe, make sure to let the technician know prior to the procedure so they are aware.

Yes, they are available. Lidocaine injections need to be scheduled in advance. All clients needing them are scheduled for the days that our nurse or doctor is in the office who administers them. There is an extra charge for them.

We recommend them only when working on extremely sensitive people or if clients are having multiple procedures done on the same day.

Yes, our clients can get an MRI after having MicroArt. It is NOT A TATTOO. Tattoo inks use metals that will explode in an MRI Micro Art pigment is mineral based and has no toxic metals that will explode in the skin like if you put metal in the microwave.

Yes, MicroArt™ is completely safe to get while you are pregnant!

There are three steps that are taken to ensure that every client loves there MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup.

  • First, the makeup is designed with an erasable pencil so you see the shape before micro pigmentation begins.
  • Second MicroArt is applied in thin layers and you will be able to check the work as its being applied in order for you to get your desired look.
  • Lastly, you come back for a touch-up appointment in 2-4 weeks (this is included in your price). This allows the color and shape to settle into the skin. Changes can be made in the touch-up appointment based on your desired results.

All of our technicians are fully trained & certified in MicroArt.

The owner of the company and her staff does training in-house over many months. Each technician only is certified after demonstrating a level of skill that is on the level of the creator of MicroArt.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority and we take this serious when certifying our technicians. Therefore, any technician you are booked will provide excellent results.

No, unfortunately, due to the health department and sanitation reasons no one is allowed in the procedure room. They are welcome to stay in the waiting room while you have the procedure performed.

We accept all major credit cards, and although we don’t offer financing, many of our clients use 3rd party financing options, some of which can be found here: https://www.microartmakeup.com/financing/

No, it does not. We have performed MicroArt on the face, body, and scalp of thousands of clients, and it has never caused the skin to keloid – not even on those prone to keloiding.