Have unwanted tattoos that are too painful to be removed via traditional Tattoo Removal methods? MicroArt is used as an alternative to painful tattoo removal. MicroArt covers unwanted tattoos with custom blended skin color pigments. Utilizing equipment designed only for MicroArt, our non-toxic, mineral-based pigment will be gently vibrated into the dermal layer of the skin using a single acupuncture needle. It is then applied in thin layers using individual stokes until the ideal color and shape needed to cover the area is achieved.

The MicroArt application takes only an hour per appointment, with no downtime. MicroArt. Colors are customized individually for each client, so every MicroArt application is unique to the client’s desires and natural skin tone


  • Natural look – MicroArt will return a natural look to you’re the affected area without painful tattoo removal.
  • Feel great – Camouflaging your embarrassing tattoo will make you look and feel great.
  • No painful laser surgery – MicroArt™ gives you the option to camouflage your tattoo, rather than enduring expensive painful laser surgery tattoo removal.



When you are undergoing the laser tattoo removal treatment, your skin will naturally turn to frosty white color. The frosting is as a result of the carbon dioxide that is being released as the laser penetrates the upper layer of the skin surface. Nonetheless, the frost subsides after twenty minutes.


As the laser heat picks up ink particles from the skin, it causes blood vessels to break around the tattoo. As a result, blisters containing water and ink may appear. The blisters usually take around 3 to 14 days to heal up completely as long as you don’t burst them.


The laser tattoo removal treatment uses pulses of different wavelengths to remove the tattoo ink. However, these wavelengths can affect your melanin causing patches of darkened skin. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that is typically seen in people with darker skin and active tans.


Hypopigmentation refers to the removal of your skin’s pigmentation. Once this has been done, lighter patches will be visible where the tattoo was. It takes months or even years before the skin turns normal again. However, hypopigmentation can be more tolerable than the original tattoo.


You are very much susceptible to bacterial infections if you burst your blister or pick at scabs after the laser tattoo removal treatment. In the event of an infection, you should consult either your doctor or the laser technician. However, all these can be avoided if you prevent blistering and scabbing.


Swelling can also happen after undergoing a laser tattoo removal treatment. It is usually catalyzed by the heat from the laser.

Since laser tattoo removal treatment has some limitations, Micro Art was introduced as an alternative. Micro Art covers the unwanted tattoos with a custom blended skin pigment. In addition, Micro Art utilizes the nontoxic and mineral based equipment for the procedure. The tattoo is removed in a very simple and painless way. The equipment is gently vibrated into the dermal layer using a single acupuncture needle. After which, it is applied in thin layers until the color and shape needed to cover the tattoo is achieved. The application only takes a few hours and the colors are customized for each client.


Prices are based on treatment procedure time. Our work is customized to each client’s needs based on the skin size, location and the colors we are matching. Each client starts out on a minimum of 4 monthly treatments. Prices start at $2,500 for a series of four one-hour treatments. In a one-hour session we can camouflage up to 9 square inches (3″ x 3″) of skin.

We require photos to estimate how many hours of treatment you will require.  Please upload photos of each area using the form below. Photos must be well lit, in focus, without any makeup. If photos are larger than 5MB, please email them to info@microartmakeup.com.  You will receive your estimate within 1 business day.



In order to become a client, we require photos send in via email so that we can evaluate your individual needs based on color, size, and location on the body.

Once we evaluate the photos we can give you a better idea of how many sessions it will take, the cost and the time commitment you will need to start your treatment.

Please send photos to info@microartmakeup.com



A minimum of four treatments are needed.

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MicroArt: Natural and youthful looking results. MicroArt is applied with a needle so fine details are drawn on for a completely natural look.

Permanent Makeup: A heavy and unnatural look with harsh colors that turn into blues or oranges over your lifetime.


MicroArt: Natural and youthful looking results. MicroArt is applied with a needle so fine details are drawn on for a completely natural look.

Permanent Makeup: A heavy and unnatural look with harsh colors that turn into blues or oranges over your lifetime.


MicroArt: Every tattoo camouflage treatment is custom designed. MicroArt takes into consideration the person’s bone structure and skin tone.

Permanent Makeup: Most Permanent makeup is applied without much thought to the design and how it affects the shape of the body.


MicroArt: State-of-the-art technology is used only by licensed MicroArt technicians. This equipment features a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin inserting a custom blend of natural, non-toxic mineral-based pigments with extreme precision.

Permanent Makeup: Uses tattoo equipment which is available for purchase by anyone without training. Three to fourteen heavy gauge needles are used simultaneously to aggressively puncture the skin. This process of penetrates deep into the skin to injects inks, which are often toxic and cause bleeding, bruising, scabbing, scarring, and downtime.


MicroArt: Minimal discomfort due to the equipment application techniques and local numbing creams.

Permanent Makeup: Tattoos by any other name are simply, extremely painful.


MicroArt: Licensed by MicroArt and fully insured. MicroArt technicians complete an intensive six month, full-time training — with the annual evaluation required for licensing renewal.

Permanent Makeup: Primarily non-regulated with little to no training. Self-determined tattoo skill set with no continued education or licensing required. Permanent makeup training is not regulated by the state. Training, if any, is only a few days at most.


MicroArt: Licensed by MicroArt and fully insured. MicroArt technicians complete an intensive six month, full-time training — with the annual evaluation required for licensing renewal.

Permanent Makeup: As the skin ages, people end up with thick harsh lines that stretch and separate. Permanent makeup puts a spotlight on the signs of aging and, ultimately this makes the skin look much older.


MicroArt: Natural pigments are custom blended into an unlimited palette of colors to personally enhance your appearance.

Permanent Makeup: Uses limited tattoo inks which typically change color over time to orange, blue and green.


MicroArt: lasts up to 3 years, so as the skin ages and fashions change, clients have the ability to update their style.

Permanent Makeup: Harsh look with side effects that can last any were from 3 months to a lifetime.


MicroArt: $1,000. Price includes The design, the procedure, a second touch up procedure two weeks later to perfect the color and shape, and complete aftercare products. Price reflects superior quality products, equipment, training, and results.

Permanent Makeup: $100 and up. Cheaper inks, equipment, unregulated training (if any) and licensing, all of which produce harsh or damaging results.

"MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup uses cutting edge technology and state of the art talent. I've always had permanent makeup eyebrows, and after hearing about MicroArt, I decided to upgrade my faded eyebrows with more current work."

Keila N.
Beverly Hills, CA

"My lips look amazing! My lips look larger because they are more defined. But they don't look fake and pumped up. I am really pleased and would highly recommend it."

Andrea C.
Los Angeles, CA

"I had a small patch of vitiligo on my back and 2 scars from childhood accidents that have bugged me for years. I completed my 4 sessions now and just loved the results. I still can't believe that they were able to fix it."

Todd H.
Dallas, TX

"Tanya is my new hero. Not only does she have the skilled hands to apply mineral pigment into the skin of your face and achieve a flawless uniform appearance, she also invented and designed the equipment she uses. I would love to come back in the future to have my eyebrows done. Thank you Tanya, you do incredible work."

Elizabeth V.
Los Angeles, CA

"I have trichotillomania, and have been pulling my brows out since high school. I like that Tanya is a perfectionist, because so am I. She takes time to be sure both brows are perfectly symmetrical, and that I am satisfied with the results."

Stacee S.
Laguna Niguel, CA

"Had my brows done for a couple months now and I absolutely love it. Makes life so much easier -- I can just get up and go! Tanya was the best and I'd totally go back in a few years to get a touch-up!"

Dana D.
Los Angeles, CA

"I was super nervous about getting semi-permanent makeup but I still wanted an alternative to applying it every day. Tanya's team was sure to make me feel completely comfortable with the process every step of the way. If this is your first time with semi-permanent makeup I highly suggest going to MicroArt."

Minh-Tam L
Elk Grove, CA



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Permanent makeup is applied using heavy gauge needles or a blade to penetrate deep into the skin causing bleeding, bruising, scabbing, scarring and downtime.  Permanent makeup uses various forms of tattoo inks that are toxic to the body; its colors are harsh and change over time. So people can end up with blue or orange inks in the skin.  Another issue with permanent makeup is that as our skin ages and start to sag the ink end up in the wrong place so it actually accentuates the signs of aging.

Permanent makeup artists’ training is only a few days. Their minimal training and the equipment & products used all contribute to the harsh look associated with permanent makeup and microblading.  The best way to fix is with MicroArt.

MicroArt Semi Permanent makeup, on the other hand, has the most natural results. There is NO downtime, NO bruising, NO scabbing, NO scarring.  Because MicroArt technology uses an acupuncture needle as thin as a human hair that vibrates on the dermal layer of the skin 80 to 100 times per second, the results are precise. Colors are custom blended with non-toxic mineral-based pigments. The design is customized to fit each patient’s look and desires by our Artist. It takes about 1 year to train a Micro-Artist to perform the procedure. The results are amazing.

To learn more about the differences between MicroArt and other forms of permanent makeup click here.

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What is Microart?

MicroArt Semi Permanent makeup is a proprietary technology perfected by our team of electronic engineers, cosmetic biochemists, and Founder Hollywood makeup artist Tanya York. The goal was to develop a makeup that could last for years on the skin, look more natural than makeup and eliminate all of the side effects of other forms of permanent makeup. After five years of development, MicroArt has now been enjoyed by thousands of people who fly in from around the world to get their procedure. There are no other forms of permanent cosmetics like it. MicroArt utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom blended mineral-based pigments and a system designed to ensure results so natural that even men wear it. To learn more about the differences between MicroArt and other forms of permanent makeup…