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MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup is an extremely effective vitiligo treatment. Results are instantaneous and last up to 3 years without washing off. MicroArt camouflages the white patches of skin so they blend right in with your regular skin tone.  MicroArt Vitiligo Camouflage can be applied to on the face, hands or elsewhere on the body. Up close, it looks like a professionally applied make-up concealer that does not wash off.  Although there is no vitiligo cure as yet this is the next best thing.

Imagine no longer worrying about your vitiligo? Or never having to use topical makeup that smudges and makes a mess? Or never having to try to conceal it with clothing? MicroArt will effectively treat your vitiligo in just in just four sessions.  MicroArt is a proprietary technology perfected by our team of electrical engineers, cosmetic biochemists and our founder Hollywood makeup artist Tanya York. The goal was to develop a makeup that lasts for years on the skin, looks more natural than makeup and eliminates all of the unpleasant side effects of so-called permanent cosmetics. After five years of development, MicroArt is now enjoyed by thousands of people who fly in from around the world for the procedure.

There is no form of permanent cosmetics like it. MicroArt utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom mineral-based pigments, and a system designed to ensure results so natural that no one can tell you are wearing anything.




Colors are custom blended to match your skin tones. They are non-toxic and made from natural mineral-based pigments.

A natural mineral-based pigment is deposited into the white areas of the skin using proprietary equipment that houses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the dermal layers of the skin depositing pigment into the skin until the desired color is achieved. Your MicroArt technician evaluates the skin at the beginning of each session and chooses or custom blends a color to best match your natural skin tone.


Multiple sessions are needed in order to seamlessly match the color. During each session, pigment is blended into the skin in layers. Because some of the pigment exfoliates after each session, a series of sessions are necessary to build the color back into the skin and completely match your skin color.  It takes about 4 weeks for the color to completely settle and stabilize in the skin. Every 4 weeks you’ll return for more pigmentation until you have had a minimum of 4 visits on each patch of Vitiligo. During each session the color is reviewed and adjustments are make if needed to ensure that your color gets matched to your normal skin tones.

Vitiligo Treatment


Numerous steps are taken during each appointment to ensure that you will love your MicroArt vitiligo camouflage.

THE COLOR: Our Micro Artist will consult with you about the best color. Because our colors are custom blended we have an unlimited selection. Some clients prefer to bring in their favorite eyebrow makeup for us to match the color.

ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION: During the 1st session we always err on the side of caution with color as we can always add more on upcoming sessions once we see what the color looks like as it settles into the skin.

MULTIPLE APPOINTMENT: During each appointment our mineral based pigment is applied in thin layers. During each session the color is custom blended and adjusted until we achieve an optimal color match.

EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS: All MicroArt Technicians are certified by MicroArt Founder, President and Master Micro Artist Tanya York. Each Technician undergoes months of study and training prior to being certified, and must be as skilled as Ms. York herself before being permitted to work on clients.


MicroArt is a proprietary technology developed by acclaimed Hollywood entrepreneur and former special effects makeup expert Tanya York — with the help of a team of mechanical engineers and cosmetic biochemists.

The goal was to develop a makeup procedure that would look more natural than any form of permanent or semi-permanent makeup and eliminate all side effects. Side effects of other forms of permanent makeup range from short term such as down time, scabbing, bruising and heavy bleeding to the long term side effects such as scarring, inks that change colors on the skin and the shape of the makeup that changes over time due to the skin’s aging process.

MicroArt has eliminated all such side effects through:

  • Equipment: Specialized equipment developed by MicroArt for unrivalled precision.
  • Clinics: MicroArt procedures are performed in a certified, professional medical office passing regular, stringent County Health Department inspections.
  • Products: Special, natural pigments developed that will not change color and are hypoallergenic (safe for your skin).
  • Technique: A technique developed over the years to ensure the ideal, custom shape and color is provided to each client
  • Technicians: All technicians are personally trained for months, and certified, by Master Micro Artist Tanya York. MicroArt Technicians are not licensed to perform services on Ms. York’s clients until their work is indistinguishable from hers.

There are no other forms of permanent cosmetics like it.


The MicroArt™ Vitiligo Camouflage starts at $2,500. This includes four one-hour sessions and can camouflage up to 9 square inches (3 inches x 3 inches) of skin. Each session is scheduled 4 weeks apart. The price includes the after-care products. After the initial four sessions have been completed, the color is evaluated to see if additional touch-up sessions are required. The cost for touch-up sessions are only $500 per one-hour session, and are rarely needed. For larger areas of vitiligo we evaluate photos in order to estimate how many sessions you will need.

Numbing shots are required for camouflaging hands as they are the most sensitive area of the body. Numbing shots are administered by the Nurse or doctor in our office. There is an additional cost of $150 per session for numbing shots. Numbing shots are recommended but not required on larger areas taking 3 hours or more per appointment.

Vitiligo Treatment
Vitiligo cure


In order to become a new client for vitiligo camouflage we require photos so that we can evaluate your individual needs. Once we receive the photos and evaluated your unique needs based on size of your vitiligo, color of skin we are matching and where it is located on the body – we will contact you within 24 hours with your personalized treatment plan, which includes an estimated cost, number or sessions and schedule of treatments.

Please send photos, your name and phone number to


Is MicroArt safe to camouflage Vitiligo?

YES! MicroArt has been used to camouflage vitiligo and other skin discolorations for over 6 years with amazing results on all clients. There are no know side effects and it is 100% safe to apply on people with vitiligo.

What can i expect after each session?

There will be some temporary swelling and redness right after your treatment and the skin will be a little dry. This may take several days to disappear depending on which area of the body, how much pigment is applied and the general health of the skin. You will see the results right away as the pigment settles into the skin.Right after your procedure, the color will appear stronger compared with how it will ultimately look. Within a few days, the skin will start to slightly exfoliate and the color will lighten to become the intended shade. For vitiligo sufferers, the results are life changing.

No makeup should be worn on the newly pigmented skin for seven days after each session.

How closely can the color be matched?

The goal is to match the color over the course of your treatments, so that no one can tell that you ever had vitiligo.

Color matching is achieved through the series of sessions during which the color is evaluated and your custom color mix is fine-tuned as needed. About two weeks after each procedure, the skin exfoliates and the color settles in so we re-evaluate and adjust in a subsequent session as needed.

Does the vitiligo camouflage procedure hurt?

The level of discomfort varies from person to person depending on what area of the body that is being camouflaged. A strong topical numbing cream is used. MicroArt uses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the outer dermal layers of the skin, therefore discomfort is minimal.

Numbing shots can be scheduled with the doctors that we work with and are an additional cost. Numbing shots are required when we work on hands, as they are the most sensitive area of the body. In addition, recommended if we are working on procedures taking more than 3 hours at a time.

How often do I need maintenance appointments for Vitiligo Camouflage?

Maintenance appointments are optional. If you do not maintain MicroArt, it will completely fade away over time typically lasting up to three years on the skin. Everyone maintenance schedule is different based on the area of the body and how fast the skin exfoliates.

Some clients come in every few months for a touch up sessions and some only need to come in annually.

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MicroArt Semi Permanent makeup is a proprietary technology perfected by our team of electronic engineers, cosmetic biochemists, and Founder Hollywood makeup artist Tanya York. The goal was to develop a makeup that could last for years on the skin, look more natural than makeup and eliminate all of the side effects of other forms of permanent makeup. After five years of development, MicroArt has now been enjoyed by thousands of people who fly in from around the world to get their procedure.

There are no other forms of permanent cosmetics like it. MicroArt utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom blended mineral-based pigments and a system designed to ensure results so natural that even men wear it.

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