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Plastic Surgery Without the Plastic

No Knife: The author on the table – “I chatted all the way through it.”

Most women have figured it out. There’s no time for lots of makeup. So, we pare down. For me, it’s eye pencil and lip color. The problem is, no matter the product, pencil smudges and lipstick disappears. Several friends have tried permanent makeup – with tattoo needles and ink – but I’m turned off by their stories of pain, swelling, and bruising.

Then I heard about Naked Cosmetics. This new procedure called Micro-Art semi-permanent makeup is pain-free and has no downtime. Their technicians use a single, micro-thin acupuncture needle and mineral-based pigment. It sounded intriguing. I decided to put on my brave, “I’ll do anything for beauty” face and try it on my eyes.

My two biggest concerns were pain and unnatural results. The technician listened intently to instructions that the eyeliner be super subtle. I didn’t want to look like Cleopatra. Much to my relief, the hour-long procedure wasn’t painful and in fact, I chatted all the way through it. Best of all, I love the results. My eyeliner is so subtle my husband didn’t even notice. Who wants to explain beauty procedures to their man – right?

Micro-Art lasts up to three or more years so you can do touch-ups and enhancements, and their pigments are mineral based and non-toxic, so I had no concerns about any allergic reactions.

Naked Cosmetics is currently offered at the finest salons in Southern California. Go to www.naked-cosmetics.net for a location near you.

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