MicroArt Makeup Press in Vital Juice

Permanent Marker

If you’ve thought about tattoo makeup, consider this.

Certain memories are indelible, Like the day in eighth grade when we heard that our English teacher’s eyeliner was a tattoo.

Flash-forward to this week, when we heard about Micro-Art from Naked Cosmetics, a European procedure that’s launching now in LA. It’s like a tattoo, but…gentler. The buzz:

It isn’t forever. Micro-Art fades gradually over three to five years. Compare with tattooing, which can gradually turn blue from metals in the inks (Micro-Art uses medical-grade pigments).

It doesn’t hurt. Because it uses an ultra-fine acupuncture needle that scratches only the outer layer of the skin, there’s no bleeding or downtime. Founder Tanya York says it tickles.

It’s on your face, not in your face. The slim needle means precise, realistic hairs can be sketched on the brows instead of a solid, tattooed line (see our before/after pic: she had brows, lips, and eyeliner has done).

It’s not cheap. At $1,000 per area, it costs a bit more than tattooing, but precise lines seem worth it to us.

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