MicroArt Semi Permanent MakeupMicro Art makeup is semi-permanent makeup, lasting for about three years, for the lash line, brows, and lips.

There are various benefits of this procedure:

Never Again Worry About Ruined Makeup

Having a Micro Art makeup procedure done during the summer is ideal as it will make sure that you look great all the time without having to worry about your makeup melting or smudging because of the heat or the water. There will be no need to worry that your eyeliner will give you raccoon eyes after a day spent in the sun or the lip liner will smudge after you take a dip in the pool because you will not need to use any of these products. Micro Art semi-permanent makeup will stay in place no matter what and you will look great all the time, regardless of whether you are at the beach, a party or the gym.

Save Time Every Day

With Semi-Permanent Makeup, you can cut a large portion of your morning routine out of the way. There is no need to spend time fussing about makeup because you will not have to apply a lot of makeups anymore. There will be no need to painstakingly apply lip liner or lipstick because with Micro Art makeup your lip will be lined and shaded according to the color of your choice. The time spent applying eyeliner will also be saved with Micro Art makeup procedure your eyes will be highlighted with a fine line between the lashes and you will always have a much thicker lash line. This is especially beneficial for busy professional women who do not always have the time to apply makeup but need to look good all the time.

You will not only save time by not having to apply makeup all the time, but also the time spent buying makeup products and trying to figure out which basic colors look good on you. It will no longer be necessary to hunt for the perfect non-smudging eyeliner or lip pencil which can resist the summer heat.

You Will Look Naturally Beautiful

Summer is all about looking natural but well-groomed at the same time and Micro Art makeup will ensure that you look precisely that. A Micro Art design consultant will help you choose a natural looking color for your lips and eyes so you have a youthful fuller look without anyone even realizing that you have even undergone a Micro Art makeup procedure. On average, Micro Art makeup makes a person look about five years younger.

The Procedure Is Performed In Minimal Time

No one wants to spend their summer recovering from a cosmetic procedure, which is why you need Micro Art. The Micro Art makeup procedure takes about one hour, does not create any swelling and allows you to resume your social activities as normal. Recovery time is negligible, allowing you to enjoy your summer.