Why Every Beauty Girl Should Rethink MicroArt Makeup:

Article By Candy Washington

“Hi lovelies,

So like many of you, I initially had my reservations about semi-permanent make-up, but after meeting the lovely Tanya York, who has an amazing MicroArt Makeup clinic in Beverly Hills, that provides state-of-the-art treatments, all of the myths and taboos that I had about it were debunked.

The semi-permanent treatments can last up to 3 years, with as-needed touch-ups and maintenance in-between and the experience can yield extremely natural-looking results with no downtime.

 Tanya recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary of being in the beauty business and after 5 years of development, the treatments can be performed on all skin types and is great for correcting skin discoloration and other skin issues. Plus, it’s formulated with mineral-based pigmentation for a natural look-and-feel.

She’s perfected the three aspects needed to ensure semi-permanent microart success: products, equipment, and technique and it shows with her international clientele. Each procedure is customized for the specific patient and there’s a two appointment system in place to test drive the make-up.

Serial entrepreneur Tanya York who started her career as a special effects makeup artist in the Hollywood movie industry over 20 years ago created MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup.



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