Picture Perfect Eyeliner That Really Lasts

Of all the makeup items women apply, eyeliner can cause the most frustration.  Ideally placed at the lash line, it’s difficult to accomplish except those with a steady hand and keen eye.  Drawing that perfect line can be tricky and all too often all you end up with is a raccoon eye mess.  Compound that with the fact that many eyeliners fade and smear before you leave the house, you realize you need help.

MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup has developed a revolutionary technique of applying eyeliner that enhances and defines any eye shape and that can be customized to your lifestyle and preference.  The initial application is skillfully applied to the lash line with the ability to supplement with additional color or intensity if desired.  The goal is a natural and effortless look that can be enhanced if needed.


The young woman in the video above is a great example of someone who already looks great, but leads an active life and is too busy to apply eyeliner every morning before leaving home.  Applying makeup in her car mirror while driving is dangerous and far from an ideal setting to apply eye makeup with accuracy.  Also, her outdoor lifestyle makes eyeliner impractical as it usually smears and smudges due to sweat and environmental elements.

While she was hesitant to try permanent makeup due to her sensitivity and dislike of being touched around the eye area, she readily admits she was surprised that she was able to sit comfortably through two procedures and felt minimal pain.  Five minutes after the application is finished she is ready to get on with her day and has no swelling or bruising. Like all Microart procedures, she and her technician communicated through the entire process and was even able to add little “wings” and shading to give her a bit more flair and dimension.  Because MicroArt is dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle, every detail is discussed beforehand for optimal results.

You can read more about MicroArt eyeliner application here https://www.microartmakeup.com/semi-permanent-makeup-eyeliner/and see how MicroArt’s advanced technology and philosophy make it the gold standard in permanent makeup.

So stop messing around with eyeliner and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation https://www.microartmakeup.com/semi-permanent-makeup-eyeliner/ to discover what MicroArt can do for you.