Danyelle Wolf knows how to get what she wants.  As a celebrated boxing champion and MMA powerhouse, when Danyelle sets her mind to something, she goes for it.  And as someone who has graced magazine covers in addition to having earned a university arts degree, she understands the power of image and looking her best in and out of the boxing ring.

As one can see from the video, Danyelle is already a striking woman, but she felt her lips needed more shape and color.  Indeed, her lips are quite pale and somewhat thin, especially in contrast to her brunette features.  However, with the rigors of being a competitive athlete, applying and reapplying lipstick was both impractical and looked too made-up for competitions.  She needed a solution that would give her lips shape, soft color and the appearance of youthful plumpness.  MicroArt to the rescue!

Danyelle chose MicroArt because she wanted the best.  From the initial consultation to post-treatment, every detail is thoroughly explained until the desired results are reached.  Meticulous measurements of the lips are drawn with erasable ink so you can view, modify and optimize the shape before any pigment is applied.  The color is customized to individual needs and desired outcome.  For Danyelle, the soft pink looks naturally pretty as is, or she can glam it up with cosmetic lip color when needed.   Because the pigment is applied in thin layers, the 2nd appointment is when we tweak things a little so it’s perfect.   You can intensify the color or add more fullness at this time.  Does the procedure hurt at all?  When Danyelle proclaims “My grandma could handle it,” it’s safe to say it’s painless even for scardy cats.

What else is so great about MicroArt compared to conventional permanent makeup?  Just about everything.  For starters, MicroArt gives only natural, more youthful looking results that last up to three years. Tattooed permanent makeup looks heavy and even bizarre.  The color transforms over time and can only be corrected with laser treatment or MicroArt.  Lips are shaped and lined and the color is blended.  The lips are enhanced, unlike permanent makeup which imparts a heavy 80’a looking lip liner that is also quite painful.  MicroArt™ technology uses a single acupuncture needle as thin as a human hair that vibrates on the dermal layer of the skin 80 to 100 times per second. Therefore the results are extremely precise.  Other methods use standard tattoo equipment, with a heavy gauge needle are used simultaneously to aggressively puncture the skin.   MicroArt™ has a wide selection of colors that gradually fade over three years and do not change into other colors. Pigments are mineral based, non-toxic and cost ten times more than tattoo inks.   Permanent Makeup uses inexpensive tattoo inks which are sometimes toxic, can cause allergic reactions and often fade to orange, blue and green.  These are all in addition to rigorous training our technicians must undergo, safe mineral-based pigment, and a virtually painless procedure.

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