Celebrate a new season of beauty with MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup

The kids are back in school work is busier than ever. Wouldn’t it be awesome to look fabulous morning and night without trying?  You may have thought about permanent makeup in the past, but weren’t sure if it was right for you.  Ask yourself this question:  Do I want an easy solution that takes the hassle out of applying eyebrow powder or pencil, eyeliner and lip gloss every day?  Can I wake up looking naturally flawless yet still have the flexibility to create more dramatic eyebrow and eyeliner looks for the evening?  The answer is a resounding yes.

MicroArt is Versatility

Forget everything you thought you knew about permanent makeup.  MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup has built an international reputation as the safest and most natural looking method of semi-permanent makeup available today.  The non-toxic mineral-based pigment is not only benign to the skin, the subtle outcome allows for unsurpassed flexibility: You can leave home with the confidence that you look great without a drop of added makeup. Glam it up if you choose, because MicroArt is about your lifestyle and how you choose to live it.

Bye-Bye Dry

Dry skin is synonymous with winter and most of us need more concentrated moisturizers to combat its effectThe problem is all these extra emollients can cause brow powders and eyeliners to smear, smudge and streak.  Even those products that claim to “stay all day” fade before lunchtime.  With MicroArt you never have to choose between the properly nourished skin and makeup that stays put.  Now your eyebrows and eyeliner look as fresh after work and into the evening as they did when you got out of bed.  No extra product, no extra effort, and no extra worry.

Make the Most of Your Brows

You can’t deny the power of the eyebrow.  They are the face’s picture frame, and the abundance of brow bars and threading studios is proof.  Even a botched brow wax requires time and expense to correct.  The benefit of MicroArt Semi Permanent brows is not just the most technologically advanced equipment, it’s the flawless results that last up to three years.  You’re precisely designed MicroArt brows function as a base to create a look that adapts to any situation.  The possibilities do not end with MicroArt, they have are just the beginning.  And your brows will never fade because of the need for extra moisturizer.  MicroArt is compatible with most skincare products so you can treat your dry winter skin properly and still have makeup that lasts and lasts.

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Never Have Smeared Eyeliner Again

Pencil and liquid liner tends to smear and smudge no matter what the package says. And if you don’t have a steady hand, it’s very hard to make a clean line.   Even “waterproof” eyeliner disappears after a dip in the pool or a good cry, especially if you have naturally oily skin. And because the skin is so dry in winter, eyeliner fades even faster.  The sultry eyes you spent so much time creating are gone before leaving the house.  MicroArt Semi Permanent eyeliner is customized to your eye shape and desired color for an everyday look with added definition and depth.  But who says you have to stop there?  Have a date after work?  Take your day look into evening with the simple stroke of a liquid liner or kohl pen for an instantly sultry or smoky effect. And all that extra moisturizer will never get in the way of your eyeliner looking perfect any time of day.   MicroArt is as versatile as your imagination.  Go ahead and play!

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Chapped Lips are a Thing of the Past

Lips become extra dry and parched in colder weather.  Most of us are applying lip balm several times a day, which means lipstick never stays. The matte lip color that is so popular only make matters worse.   Achieve more youthful, fuller looking lips that never fades no matter how much lip balm you apply.   A trained MicroArt-technician will give your pout a perfect shape with custom-blended natural pigment that will last up to three years.  Since no woman is happy with just one lipstick color, your subtly shaped and shaded new lips can look as girl-next-door natural or nocturnal femme as you wish.  A touch of clear gloss or a swipe of deep pigment, the choices are as wide-ranging as there are lipstick shades.  MicroArt is all about choices, not limitations.

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Are ready to take your makeup to the next level and find out how to make the most of your fall look with MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup?

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