Look Younger With One Simple Change

Want to look younger? No, you don’t need to go under the knife – you just need a properly shaped brow. The right brow can shave years off your face. When your brow is well shaped, it will help open up the entire eye area and work to improve your face’s overall symmetry. Learn how to spot the wrong brow and just how to fix it for a boost that will instantly take years off your look.

How Brows Can Age You

Changing up your eyebrows can dramatically alter your facial appearance. Over-plucked, thinly waxed or just plain sparse eyebrows make you look aged and tired. The wrong brow can leave you looking permanently angry (when the brows turn in toward the nose), surprised (when the brows spike up too high), or scared (when the brows have a high center arch). Your brows can also make your nose look large when placed too far apart or can weigh down your eyes when they’re placed too low. In addition, eyebrows change color as you age to a light blonde or grey. Light colored eyebrows blend into your face and can look sparse – even if they’re not.

What to Aim For

The perfect brow will help you appear fresh, young, and instantly more attractive. You’ll use less eye makeup and appear more naturally flawless. Ideally, the eyebrow should begin at the bridge of the nose. From this starting point, your eyebrow should incline gradually toward your arch. The brow should reach its highest point (the arch) about two-thirds of the way out. Don’t attempt a center arch. You’ll end up with rainbow shaped eyebrows – and the scared or surprised expression to go along with it. The tail should end in a tapered point no lower than where your brow begins.

Choose MicoArt 3D Eyebrows

So what can you do when your brows are not coming in as thick as you want (or where you want) and makeup just isn’t cutting it? Kick your brows into high gear and get MicroArt 3D Eyebrow Fill or Restoration. MicroArt Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Technology creates natural looking eyebrows using non-toxic, mineral-based pigment. Makeup can help you to achieve your ideal brow, but can be hard to apply and takes up too much time. Tattoo eyebrows look harsh and unnatural. With MicroArt, you’ll have natural looking eyebrows all the time – without having to worry about smudging or smearing. MicroArt lasts up to three years. At that point, you’ll have the option of redesigning your brows based on any slight changes in your appearance after that time.

MicroArt creates a unique 3D effect that looks just like your real hair. First, a team of highly skilled artists will measure your brows and help you design your ideal brow. Then, your artist will blend your color and apply that color in thin layers into the top layer of the skin. The pigment is applied using individual strokes hair until the design is completed to emulate the look of real hair. You won’t have any scarring, scabbing or downtime. With MicroArt, you’ll have picture-perfect brows from day one that will make you look younger and more effortlessly put together