Learn the facts: They may not save your life, but they could save your face from disfigurement, or worse…

Is “Microblading” the new, low-cost alternative to MicroArt?

It seems as though every salon and brow studio is now offering this new service. What exactly is microblading and why is it so risky?

  • Microblading uses a hand-held tool with a small razor blade (similar to an Exacto knife) which is dipped in tattoo ink and then slices your skin leaving tiny cuts in or around your eyebrows to try to create hair-like strokes with ink.
  • A microblading practitioner is usually an esthetician, makeup artist or manicurist who provides a variety of other services — and is not a full-time professional specialist.
  • Little training is needed for certification, hence the proliferation of new “practitioners.” A typical training course is only two to four days.
  • Microblading causes eyebrow hair loss where ever the razor cuts through hair inside the brow lines where the color belongs.
  • The cuts in the skin damage the hair follicle so that hair frequently does not regrow.
  • Microblading is only done with hair strokes and no shading, so the result is typically harsh and lacks subtlety required for a completely natural look.
  • Microblading artists set up in nail salons, day spas, and brow bars, often with little or no supervision, experience or accountability. Unlike a medical office, these environments lack sterility to prevent infection.
  • Many microblading artists are not registered with the county health department, nor have the required permits to perform this procedure legally — much less health department inspections.
  • How long the inks last is unpredictable because this method is completely manually so each incision to the skin (hair stroke) can be a different depth. We have found it to lasts anywhere from two months to two years.
  • Can only be done on brows. No other area of the face or body.
  • Corrective work is needed to fix problems or scarring caused by microblading – far more so than with other forms of permanent makeup which already has high rates of correction.

So why choose MicroArt?

MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup provides the most natural results – safely  it lasts longer, with no side effects for a valuable investment in your appearance and time. Why?

  • Superior Technology. A proprietary system of advanced technology utilizing a single needle smaller than a human hair, which gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin.
  • No bruising, heavy bleeding, scarring or downtime.
  • Colors are custom blended using non-toxic mineral pigments precisely for your perfect shade and a totally natural look.
  • Eyebrows are custom designed for each client based on muscle and bone structure as well as individual style. Stencils are never used.
  • Results last up to three years.
  • MicroArt technicians specialize in MicroArt only and complete a full year of training with an annual exam for certification renewal. This is in addition to continued education, workshops, and regular supervision.

MicroArt Corrects Microblading

Regrettably, at MicroArt, expertly correcting the work of cheap, inferior or dangerous treatments from unqualified “practitioners” is about one-third of our practice. Much of this work is referred to us by dermatologists. This is the reason we strive to educate consumers about their choices.

Do you have:

  • That weird, artificial or cartoonish look from Microblading?
  • That drawn-on-by-‘Sharpie’ look from permanent tattoo makeup, or have your colors started turning green or yellow?
  • Infections from Microblading or permanent makeup that has scarred and/or disfigured your face? Go to the Hospital ER or see a dermatologist immediately to treat the infection so it does not lead to blindness or worse scarring. Then call us for cosmetically corrective work.
  • While corrective work is always more complicated than simply doing MicroArt the first time on a “clean slate,” we understand you have wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars initially, and we will do our best to provide a corrective fee-rate that meets your budget.

Call 888-943-8880 for a free consultation to see what MicroArt can do for you.

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