Joe just got his MicroArt Scalp Shading procedure, the perfect hair loss solution, with spectacular results! Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes video of Joe’s procedure, as well as a video testimonial of how much Joe loves his MicroArt!

Before and After Photos of the Hair Loss Solution - MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup Scalp Shading

MicroArt™ Scalp Shading

Nobody asks for hair loss or thinning hair, but unfortunately, it’s a fact of life for millions of men and women. Until now traditional treatments were limited to expensive topical medications, painful surgeries, and obvious wigs/hair pieces.  Introducing MicroArt™ semi-permanent scalp shading, a hair loss alternative to the days of powders and wigs with natural-looking results that last up to 3 years.

What is MicroArt™ Semi-Permanent Scalp Shading?

Using a 3D shading and feathering technique, MicroArt™ semi-permanent makeup is applied to the hair loss area of the scalp. This creates the illusion of real hair without the painful surgery. Any area of the scalp with hair loss can be shaded, from the “dome” to the hairline. MicroArt™ is perfect for men and women, all styles and types of hair. Colors are customized to match your hair color, so it is virtually blended with the existing hair to create a full, natural look, making it the PERFECT hair loss solution!