Scalp Shading Explained

Before and After Photos of the Hair Loss Solution - MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup Scalp Shading

It’s happened. Your full and luscious locks have started thinning out – leaving you with unsightly bald patches and a poor self-image to boot. Don’t dismay. Here’s the lowdown on the latest scalp shading procedure to give you back your confidence.

What is it?

MicroArt’s unique 3D shading and feathering technique completely cover up any areas of thinning hair and looks just like real hair. This procedure works on any type or style of hair and on any area of the scalp that needs it. Your technician will work with you to choose your desired shape and style. She’ll also fully-customize the color, so it blends in with the rest of your hair for a natural look.

Why would I want it?

Men and women with hair loss traditionally have had few options to reverse the process. Overpriced topical medications don’t work on extensive baldness. Painful surgeries such as hair transplantation, skin grafts or scalp reduction cost big bucks and typically look unnatural and obvious. Wigs and hairpieces stand out and need to be replaced each year. MicroArt semi-permanent scalp shading gives a fresh alternative to these uninspired solutions.  MicroArt’s scalp shading procedure lasts up to three years and looks natural. It simply camouflages hair loss for a youthful look.

What does it involve?

No surgery here. MicroArt scalp shading procedure involves using a precision needle to apply mineral-based pigment to camouflage visible areas of the scalp. The procedure takes about an hour per session and typically takes about four sessions. You won’t have any scarring, scabbing or bleeding to contend with after the sessions. In fact, you can show off your new hairdo the same day – with no downtime at all.  It’s less painful than a regular tattoo, and you don’t have to be put under as with a hair transplant. The color lasts for up to three years. At that time, you can touch up your look based on your current style and hair loss needs.

How much does it cost?

While the cost of scalp shading varies depending on the provider, MicroArt’s semi-permanent scalp shading procedure costs just $2,500 for up to four sessions. Larger areas may require additional sessions, each costing just $500. The price also includes aftercare products. In addition, you can finance your procedure using a debit card – no credit check required.

How do get I get it?

Visit to set up a consultation or call 888-943-8880 to ask any questions.

Don’t let hair loss get the best of you. Get your scalp shaded for fuller-looking hair, a youthful appearance and tons of confidence.