You lead a busy life. Between struggling to meet deadlines, running from one meeting to the next, and attempting to get dinner on the table each night, you don’t have time for the hassle of applying makeup and maintaining it throughout the day. You want makeup that stays put no matter what life throws at you. Up until recently, you only had one choice: Permanent makeup side effects often look harsh, unnatural and way too obvious. Now, you have another option.

Before and After Photos of MicroArt Permanent Makeup Correction and Eyebrow Reconstruction

MicroArt eliminates all Permanent makeup side effects and differs from permanent makeup in several ways.

One of permanent makeup side effects is extreme pain. MicroArt delivers natural-looking results with minimal discomfort. With MicroArt, you’ll always wake up with flawless makeup without the harsh side effects of permanent makeup. Let’s explore some of the essential differences.

Permanent makeup side effects

Training and Equipment

The state doesn’t mandate training or licensing for permanent makeup tattoo artists. As a result, these technicians only undergo a few days of training – at most. However, MicroArt ensures that all their technicians are top-notch. They require their technicians to go through six months of intensive training with an annual evaluation. MicroArt also uses state-of-the-art equipment that costs $20,000, available only to licensed MicroArtists. Permanent Makeup equipment is available to anyone without training and costs as little as $200.


Permanent makeup uses heavy gauge needles to penetrate tattoo ink deep into the skin. This causes heavy bleeding, bruising, swelling, and weeks of downtime. It’s extremely painful and uncomfortable. With MicroArt, there is no downtime, bruising, scabbing or scarring. You’re back in commission within an hour of the application. The difference lies in MicroArt’s precision needle. MicroArt uses an acupuncture needle as thin as a strand of hair. It gently vibrates on the top layer of the skin to deliver MicroArt’s nontoxic mineral-based pigments to the skin. During this procedure, discomfort is minimal – only what you’d feel during a routine waxing. While some clients experience swelling, it typically disappears within an hour.


Permanent makeup uses harsh tattoo ink that can sometimes be toxic to skin. In addition, the colors often fade into orange or blue over time, which can actually accentuate the signs of aging. Instead, MicroArt uses a non-toxic mineral-based pigment. Technicians customize the colors for each client skin tone to achieve the most natural look. The colors slowly fade over time so it can be redone as you age and your style changes.

MicroArt delivers far more natural results than permanent makeup. After three years, you’ll have the opportunity to retouch the makeup as you see fit. With permanent makeup, you’re stuck with the results – unless you opt to fix it using MicroArt’s camouflaging techniques. Make the right choice from the beginning and call 888-943-8880 to schedule your procedure today.

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