How people from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of semi-permanent makeup.

Women have gone to great lengths in the name of beauty for the millennium. It is so ingrained in our culture and psyche that we are sometimes not aware of how much of our daily routine is devoted to our appearance. Many professional women are expected to look put together and polished to be successful in their career.  We take it for granted that makeup application is routine and simple for everyone.  What we may not realize, or even think about, is that for women with disabilities makeup application is a challenge or even impossible.  MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup has helped thousands of women look their absolute best, but we have also helped many women who could otherwise not apply their own makeup not only look fabulous but feel confident and lead a more enjoyable life.  The business of beauty is more than mere vanity, it is essential for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

In the above video, Rosalind shares that being blind in one eye had made the daily application of eyebrow pencil nearly impossible.  It was very difficult for her to discern her brow line and the fact that, with the help of her sister, her brows were over plucked and sparse made matters worse.  She says that “MicroArt has made all the difference in the world”.  You can also see that her MicroArt eyebrows look entirely natural and fitting for her face and age.  No harsh line or color nor the overtly “fashion” brow that would not suit her lifestyle.  Because her brows are done so “beautifully and evenly” as she proudly proclaims, she doesn’t have to fuss or worry.   As for any pain during her session?  While Rosalind appreciated the topical cream and it certainly helped, she states the pain was “minimum and I could handle the session.  I could even have had more.”  Click here to learn more about the MicroArt proprietary technique and product for flawless eyebrows.

Rosalind’s success and enjoyment of MicroArt were due in no small part to our talented and dedicated technicians.  It was imperative for Rosalind and many like to be treated with the utmost care and respect.  MicroArt technicians listen closely to each client’s needs and take their lifestyle and any challenges they may face into consideration.  This is true of all customers, of course, but those with any kind of disability will want to be assured of minimal upkeep and a classic look that’s always in style.

If you or someone you know wants to look as lovely on the outside as on the inside, visit to schedule a free, no obligation consultation and learn how MicroArt change lives and makes the world more beautiful