Take years off your age with the right eyebrow shape and color.

There are many reasons both men and women consider permanent makeup.  One of the common fallacies is that permanent makeup is strictly for vanity or to correct a deformity or imperfection.  While these both can be true, many people may not be aware that permanent makeup, especially eyebrows, can have a lifting effect on the entire face.  So much so, in fact, that before you go under the knife or get that injectable filler, a consultation with MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup may save you thousands of dollars and unnecessary pain.

To understand this fully, it is essential to know how eyebrows frame the face and how they can ultimately alter one’s appearance.  Even if you don’t have visible wrinkles, misshaped or sparse brows can make you look older or less vibrant.  If your face displays observable signs of aging, then poor brow shape will only enhance crow’s feet, frown lines and even loss of facial volume.   Here are some other ways incorrect brow shape is causing you to look older than you feel;

  • The most common is scant or over-plucked brows. These results are a dull or lifeless appearance without the proper contrast needed to look youthful and vibrant.  Filled in, properly shaded brows brighten eyes and skin tone.  You look younger already!
  • If the inner part of your eyebrows curves downward, this makes your nose look bigger and accentuates frown lines. You look angry and that is never pretty.
  • On the other hand, if the tail end of your brows turns downward, you look sad and it emphasizes those pesky crow’s feet. They can also create a “drooping” effect or stress a sagging jawline.
  • Overarched brows. Cruella DeVille. Need we say more?

So now that you know how your brows can make you appear older, how can MicroArt make you look younger?  First, check out some of the before and after photos here  Next, get acquainted with MicroArt’s proprietary method, products, and procedure and learn why we are the safest and most trusted in the industry

It is vital to remember that as personal tastes and fads change, MicroArt brows can be touched up or redesigned to adjust to a client’s changing needs.  As an incentive, MicroArt is offering a $50 gift card for your next procedure

Making an appoint is easy and hassle-free.  You can book your free consultation here or call toll free at 888-943-8880.  Your younger self is waiting!