Skip the beauty school dropouts and trust your face to MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup

We all know someone who has a beauty school disaster story.  But hey, hair on your head grows back and a bad dye job fades in a few weeks.  But you can’t wear a wig on your brows or hide them underneath a hat or scarf until they grow back.  And you cannot undo what may be permanent damage.  And don’t think about complaining, remember that waiver you signed before you agreed to let a novice student touch the only eyebrows you have?  Yep, you signed it and there is no going back.

If the above is not enough to scare you from going near a beauty school or training class to get permanent makeup done, here is a rundown of all the reasons that will convince you that when it comes to permanent makeup, going el cheapo is no way to go.

  • These classes are completely unregulated by a state or health agency.
  • In reality, any permanent makeup practitioner can organize a class and charge lots of money to eager makeup artists or nail techs who want to cash in on growing trend. Generating income is usually the motivation behind training others.
  • While this might sound obvious, it is worth repeating, whoever works on you will have little to no experience. You may even be their first human guinea pig.
  • Training sessions normally last only two to three days. That is just enough time to cause some serious damage to a paying client who just wanted to save a little money.
  • Most of these “graduates” never end up with a career in permanent makeup, as the training and practice they paid top dollar for is simply not enough for real-world preparation.
  • Students may learn some theory, watch a couple of videos and possibly practice on each other. However, the results of permanent makeup can take weeks to reveal itself, so they never truly see the results of their work.
  • They get a completion certificate for paying big bucks and showing up.


So why trust your permanent makeup needs to MicroArt Semi-Permanent Makeup? First, you must understand the difference between MicroArt and other forms of permanent makeup   Our technicians undergo eight rigorous months of training which includes observation of over 300 different procedures on people of all ages, ethnicities, and needs. Only after observing at least 50 can a prospective MicroArt technician perform supervised work on a client and must prove mastery of each level prior to continuing to the next.  MicroArt technicians obtain the mastery to design the perfect brow, eyeliner, and lips Due to the challenge and discipline of the training, most trainees do not graduate and realize the demands of permanent makeup application is not their career path.

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